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Who needs Daminion?
Daminion is universally useful. Here are a few most common cases to consider

Improve work efficiency. Save your design team 100s of hours per month and take on new projects by reusing existing assets. You don’t need to create new designs from scratch just because you can’t find them.
Save yourself the hassle. Daminion displays quality thumbnails of 100s of media files, including vector images, video, and PDFs. With generic icons, you have to open documents one by one only to discover that you’ve opened the wrong one!
Improve your creative flow. Find more inspirational designs, and do it 20 times faster than before.
Protect your company. Daminion helps to avoid legal consequences of accidentally using unlicensed photos by notifying you when image license expires.
Categorize and access your digital assets quickly. Sort your files by several different criteria: image color, automatically detected tags, image size, license type, and a range of other technical and descriptive tags.


Easy deployment & management for IT system managers/admins
Easy configuration
We support both Active Directory and built-in Daminion user management.

Company data is well protected with scheduled backups

Your involvement is not needed for adding or removing users: catalog admins can do it easily

Daminion helps you to organize your digital assets. Either automatically tag your media, or use batch tagging tools to make manual tagging easy.

Searching for the right file using tags makes it 100x times faster.

Using smart search options and metadata radically improves work efficiency and boosts your team’s productivity.

Get instant access to your files
Time is crucial when you need to prepare a presentation for your clients.


Daminion allows you to demonstrate your expertise and credibility for greater results.

Beat your competition with the fastest response times.

Cut costs
Save yourself tons of time and money by reusing your existing digital assets. With Daminion there is no way you can lose your files — everything is securely stored in your library.

Data security
Daminion is flexible enough to protect your assets on a file level and by access control. You can easily assign user roles to those needing access to your media library. These roles will help you control user permissions.

Example: only permit a user with a particular role to assign or remove tags, but not change your tag structure or delete files.

Use Daminion to visually locate and display your images on the map. If geodata is missing, simply drag and drop your images to the map to set locations.

Daminion is a professional photo cataloging application aimed at photographers and studios. It is an image management solution that enables you to create and manage a large library, whether you are a budding photographer, a freelance professional, or part of a large publication or studio.


Daminion comes as both standalone and server versions. The Daminion standalone Free version handles up to 15,000 images per catalog. The paid versions are Basic, Standard and Pro which give you 25,000, 75,000, and unlimited images in a catalog respectively.

Users have found Daminion to be user-friendly, fast, and extremely flexible. That is why the software is trusted by thousands of companies and publications because it simplifies the search for all digital assets across the organization.

Daminion offers users a host of user-friendly yet powerful search functionalities such as Quick Search, Filter Content By Tags in combination with AND/OR operators, Advanced Search, and Saved Searches. These features speed up the search process, which means you send less time, enabling you to become more productive as you now have more time for project work.

Daminion stores all file information, including copyright information, as metadata. Every time you copy, email, or publish your asset, all file information is included in the transaction as well. That includes ownership of an asset and the rights to use it.

Daminion offers support for the vast majority of media formats including: raster (JPEG, PSD, PNG, etc…), vector (AI, EPS, InDesign, SVG), camera RAW images, video, audio, PDF, and Microsoft Office documents. Along with this media format support feature, Daminion can also read/write tags from/to XMP, IPTC, EXIF metadata in a wide range of media formats including video and camera RAW formats.

Getting started with Daminion is very easy. The quickest way to get started with Daminion is to import your media collection from your current digital photo management system. Exporting is a breeze too. You can export your media files, with selected conversion rules, with a single click. Whether you’re uploading your files to FLickr or Facebook, Daminion automatically optimizes your files to suit the requirements of the receiving platform. You can also insert your optimized images into PowerPoint (as PNG 800 px – 72 dpi). Or you can convert your files on demand without multiple file duplicates of different image sizes and formats.


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