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Movavi Video Editor
Movavi Video Editor is a powerful video editing and processing software that streamlines movie creation with its handy modalities and collection of filters and effects. Belonging to the Movavi Video Suite, this on-premise platform adds fun to the video editing process by allowing you to stylize recordings in various ways, ranging from quirky pop-art-like videos to cinematic footage. It also has a built-in stabilization feature that reduces video shakiness, perfect if you’re putting together a travel video.

Transitions are inserted seamlessly with the platform’s Transition Wizard, which outlines your transitioning workflow and lets you manipulate a variety of elements, including the duration, adding a pan and zoom effect, incorporating music, and inserting a voice file. In addition, you can add a small screen on the video, similar to the ones found on the gaming channels on YouTube, and pick from an entire library of effects to apply. The effect templates include the title, background, transitions, and stickers.

The edited videos can be set to full HD and 4K resolutions, ensuring that your video files display clean and crisp imagery. Moreover, Movavi Video Editor is equipped with various editing modes, from trimming clips to chroma keying.

When used in conjunction with the Movavi Suite, the editing platform receives a remarkable boost in functionalities. On top of putting together videos, you can record video footage on your computer screen with the Movavi Screen Recorder, which comes in handy if you want to take movie clips or footage from video streaming sites. The suite also comes with a video converter, allowing you to change the file type of your video, especially if you want it to be mobile-friendly. It carries presets for over 200 mobile devices and can convert videos without losing quality for more than 180 media formats.

Cool video effects

The platform is rigged with a collection of built-in effects and video themes, spanning titles, transition screens, and backgrounds, and has dozens more on the Movavi Effects Store. If you want your video to have a cinematic feel, you can leverage its built-in modalities or download the Cinematic Set on the store. Meanwhile, aspiring internet stars can begin their vlogging journey by downloading the Vlogger Essentials Bundle. The possibilities are endless.

Movavi’s effects store is regularly updated with new design templates so it’s advisable to visit it often.

Videos in high definition

Crisp images are the norm with Movavi Video Editor, as the videos can be set to HD or 4K. You can produce cinematic videos with the platform and jumpstart your career as a filmmaker. It can also be used to create wedding videos in HD since it has a wedding template on the Movavi effects store.

Easily insert transitions

Movavi’s Transition Wizard guides you through the entire process of applying transitions, from setting camera effects to adding sounds to them. You can tweak the duration of the transitions and personalize the video to fit its intended audience’s preferences.

Picture-in-picture videos

Some of the world’s most popular internet stars have made a name for themselves with their reaction videos that feature a small screen of their faces in a corner of the screen, You can do the same by leveraging Movavi Video Editor’s picture-in-picture modality. Upon activating the feature, you can add your quirky reactions to various footage, en route to perhaps a viral video.

Fast video processing

Processing videos, especially those in high definition, can take a lot of time. Movavi recognizes this concern, thus it designed its video editing platform to process videos at rates faster than standard video editing programs. You wouldn’t need to wait long to post your videos online.

Text & Titles
Add beautiful animated messages from our text & titles library

Music Library
Add tension, comedy, fear and love to every scene with royalty free songs and sound effects

Overlays and Filters
Transform a movie into something spectacular with our handcrafted overlays and filters.

Transitions & Elements
Take your video to the next level by adding impressive Transitions and Motion Elements

Movavi Video Editor Plus is the perfect tool to bring your creative ideas to life and share them with the world. Make your videos rock with special effects, keyframe animation, and ready-made intros. Apply Chroma Key to easily change the background of your clips to anything you like. Try the new, refined user interface – so easy, there’s nothing to learn. Enjoy lightning-fast file processing and rendering.

In Movavi Video Editor Plus, every tool is right where you’d expect it to be. So even if you’ve never tried to edit videos on a home PC before, it will take you no more than 20 minutes to master the movie editor and start editing like a pro. Download Movavi’s video-editing software for free. Create a movie you’ll be proud of.

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