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Roblox is a game that allows you to create new games and play the creations of others, making it one of the more unique games to hit the marketplace in the past two decades.  This is achieved via the use of an in-game programming language. Players can click on objects and manipulate them. Once players create their own game, they can upload their games so that others players across the world can access them and play.

As you would expect with a game like this, it has a robust online community, replete with an active subreddit and numerous forums and blogs. This allows users to find games that they can enjoy and trade advice and tips on how to build better games for others.

Roblox follows a free-to-play model, so developers make their money in other ways. This is primarily through the use of “Robux,” the game’s virtual currency which can be earned by players and game designers. Through this system, players can buy and sell a variety of game passes and other pieces of content. Though not originally part of the game, players can now purchase Robux via the use of real currency. Players can also purchase a variety of items for their in-game avatars.

Shortly after the game’s launch, it added its “Builders Club,” which has since been renamed to “Roblox Premium.” This optional addition comes with a variety of available features, including more Robux, the ability to resell your items and games, and the ability to trade your items with other Premium users. Though popular, this service furthered the divide between players who play the game for free and the more professional class of users who are willing to shell out top dollar for a better Roblox experience.

The game has a long and storied development history. It first premiered in 2006, fourteen years ago. Since that time, it has appeared on dozens of other platforms and undergone numerous user improvements, upgrades, and safety additions designed to make the experience more pleasant for its largely younger audience. It is currently available on numerous platforms, including the Xbox One, iOS, Windows, Mac, Oculus Rift, and Android. This obviously lets users play the game from a mobile device.

Roblox is extremely popular. According to information released by the developers, the top-ranked games on the platform have over ten million monthly active players. Sixteen of the platform’s top-ranked games have been played more than a billion times.

Developers quickly realized that the game must have numerous safeguards designed to protect its younger audience. Thankfully, the game succeeds here and the game comes with an array of safety features. Chats are heavily regulated and it is virtually impossible to curse. Downloads, when made on the computer, are all scanned and relatively safe. In the course of designing games and making purchases with the in-game currency, kids will learn more about what people like, what they don’t like, and how to manage their in-game wallets in order to save up for items that they like.

That is not to say the game is without its dangers. While console versions are more limited, the computer version may allow kids to wind up at inappropriate websites if they click the wrong link. It is important that parents teach their kids about internet safety before allowing them to play this game unmonitored.


  • A highly creative system that will give kids hours of fun and the chance to expand their minds while playing a video game.
  • In many ways, the game can be seen as a great starting point in getting kids more involved in the real of computer programming and game design. Many have cited it as their inspiration for picking a field in computer programming.
  • The game offers kids a variety of important lessons, including creativity, planning, economics, and more.


  • Pay to play options allow people to purchase virtual currency, meaning that those with more money can do more in the game.
  • Inexperienced or unmonitored kids can easily wind up giving out their personal information or clicking on inappropriate links.


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